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Euclidean Geometry

Course Description

Geometry is a fundamental concept important for spatial reasoning and developing critical thinking. The course does not require any prior knowledge other than basic arithmetic skills, and introduces and explores Euclidean geometry; the basis for almost every other field of math. Emphasis will be placed on the logical presentation of mathematical proofs.

Term One

  • definitions, axioms, and proofs
  • parallelism
  • triangle properties
  • triangle congruence
  • triangle similarity
  • Pythagorean Theorem and related problems

Term Two

  • review of term one material
  • the unit circle
  • quadrilaterals
  • introduction to trigonometry
  • metric relations in triangles
  • course review

Appropriate for: Grade 5 – Adults

Fall Session: October 7 – December 15

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Days Class Times Gender Ages Weeks Tuition Register
Wednesday5:00 pm - 6:30 pmBoth11+10$219.99 + HSTRegister
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