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Course Format and Assignments

Our mathematics  classes provide students with an avenue to further explore their interest and development in these subjects.

All courses consist of a weekly lecture and assignments. The assignments will be marked and will contain questions that emphasize problem solving and critical thinking. Lectures will be divided into 3 sections: exploring work from the previous assignment, instruction of new material, and exploring the new material through examples. The topics covered may partially overlap with, but do not follow, the Ontario Curriculum (Elementary or Secondary School), although a course outline will be handed out to each student.

Mathematics Fundamentals Resolute classes

Mathematics Fundamentals

Grades 3 - 4/5 - 6

This course offers a focus on arithmetic skills that are essential for everyday life and are a prerequisite for most fields of study. In this course, we will focus on helping students to become comfortable with number manipulation, computation, and introduce some basic mathematics principles. Emphasis will be placed on mental computation, no calculators will be used. Going step beyond the school curriculum and putting a solid foundation for the higher grades.


Grades 7 - 8/9 - 10

The objective of this course is to prepare students for their Grade 11 and 12 math and science courses. Here we focus on introducing the fundamental concepts in a systematic way that will highlight the materials main concepts, while also being able to address the more complex ideas.

Euclidean Geometry

Grades 9-10/9 - 10

Geometry is a fundamental concept important for spatial reasoning and developing critical thinking. The course does not require any prior knowledge other than basic arithmetic skills, and introduces and explores Euclidean geometry; the basis for almost every other field of math. Emphasis will be placed on the logical presentation of mathematical proofs.

We Love Math

Grades 7+

This course is intended for the student who has a special interest in exploring topics that go beyond the standard school curriculum. Here we will explore problems from different Canadian mathematical contests, and other interesting topics in the world of mathematics.


Uni Prep



Grade 6 & Grade 9



Math and Physics Tutoring

Grades 9 - 2nd year university/college || more info. on details page

By appointment: sessions for students to receive help for various topics throughout the world of maths and physics.