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Computer Programming Beginner

Course Description

Computer Programming Beginner allows students to explore an introduction to computer programming. Throughout this course we focus on teaching code at a fundamental level and makes use of C++ as a precise language to better teach these essential concepts.

The following topics will be covered throughout the session:

Programming Concepts:

  • applications of programming
  • discussing how we communicate with computers through interpreters/compilers
  • what a programming language is, and what it does
  • debugging and how to use breakpoints and other useful tools


  • how to write a high-level set of instructions to solve a problem
  • identifying code structures and practising logical thinking

Variables and Data Types:

  • how to define and initialize variables, and why we would want to
  • taking in and using user input
  • operators in code (+, -, *, /, &&, ||, <, >, <=, >=, !=, etc.)

Conditional Statements:

  • discussing branching statements and conditional checks (if, else if, else)
  • implementing variables, operators, and user input into condition checks


  • types of loops (while, do while, for)
  • applications of each type of loop


  • what arrays are
  • how to use arrays
  • applications of arrays
  • arrays and for loops

Winter Session: February 03 – April 19, 2020



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