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Graphics and Computations I

Course Description


– Programming Fundamentals II or knowledge of, and comfort with, C++ and it’s syntax (recommended at least 5 months of experience).

– A test will also be given to determine if a student is ready or not to progress to Graphics and Computations I, a minimum of 80% is needed and a practice test can be downloaded from this page (coming soon).


– A basic knowledge of Linear Algebra, or comfort with learning new mathematical concepts

– Visual Studio 2019 (community or enterprise) installed at home

Graphics and Computations I explores one of the most complex and in-depth fields of computer programming. This course primarily focuses on low-level graphics, its applications, and the mathematical concepts behind computer imaging. With a small code base being provided by the instructor, students are expected to learn and expand upon the engine themselves.

The following topics will be covered throughout the 10 weeks:


  • vertices
  • primitives
  • attributes
  • vertex buffer objects (VBOs)
  • vertex shaders
  • attribute tables
  • clip space


  • shader units
  • what is a shader?
  • shader programs
  • OpenGL shader language (GLSL)
  • GLSL datatypes and similarities with C++
  • vectors, and swizzling
  • vertex shaders

Game Loop:

  • input/events
  • update
  • draw
  • v-sync
  • delta time

Graphics Pipeline:

  • vertex input
  • vertex shader
  • primitive assembly
  • rasterization and interpolation
  • fragment shader
  • framebuffer tests
  • framebuffer blending


  • transitioning from one space to another
  • what are spaces?
  • object space
  • world space
  • view space
  • clip space

Texture Basics:

  • texture coordinates (UVs)
  • multiple vertex attributes
  • how we use UVs
  • revisiting the VBO
  • sampling from textures
  • texture units


Winter Session: Only by request and after a test has been passed with a minimum of 80%

We are currently seeking enrolment for these classes. A maximum of 3 students per class is required. Please contact us for more information if you are interested!


Please e-mail admin@resolutecenter.ca or call (613) 627-0066 to register.