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Computer Programming Intermediate

Course Description

Prerequisite: Computer Programming Beginner or knowledge of and comfort with C++ and it’s syntax (recommended at least 1 month of experience)

Computer Programming Intermediate is a follow up course that lightly expands on what was learned in Computer Programming Beginner, but also mainly focuses on applying what was learned in the previous course. Each week students will be given in-class assignments to complete based on previous topics covered. They are also expected to install Visual Studio 2019 (community edition) at home, to allow for practice to be more consistent rather than just once a week in class.

The following topics will be covered throughout session:


  • how to use pointers
  • why pointers are important
  • proper memory management (stack vs. heap, new and delete)


  • declaring, defining, and calling them
  • how to optimize code

OOP (object oriented programming):

  • inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism
  • classes vs structs
  • the dangers of global variables


Please e-mail admin@resolutecenter.ca or call (613) 627-0066 to register.