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Drawing & Painting

Course Description

This class creates an environment which allows students to explore and develop their artistic and creative skills. With demonstrations to learn new techniques for painting and drawing, this class follows a more structured flow that focuses on educating students on art.

Drawing & Painting Technical Concepts:

  • hold and control your pencil properly (back and forth)
  • hatching, cross hatching
  • sketching light and shadow
  • being able to dissect the shapes around us through still life drawing
  • figure drawing
  • sketching faces, eyes, mouths


  • types of brushes
  • types of paints
  • how to mix
  • what is Gesso and how to use it
  • glazing and blending
Individual classes available at $25 +HST

Please e-mail admin@resolutecenter.ca or call (613) 627-0066 to register.