Kanata Art center


Kinder Art

Ages 4 - 8

This class will focus on letting children explore the world of art, including being able to experiment with various materials and techniques (painting, collage, sculpture) in a fun and loose way. Exciting projects are explored each week!

Ceramic Painting

Ages 4 - 8

Ceramic Painting

Drawing & Painting

Ages 9+

This class creates an environment which allows students to explore and develop their artistic and creative skills. With demonstrations to learn new techniques for painting and drawing, this class follows a more structured flow that focuses on educating students on art.


Ages 10+

Here students are offered the opportunity to work with air-dry clay, using various techniques to ultimately create something to be proud of. They will learn basic pottery techniques like creating slip and making pinch pots, while also developing their skills to attempt more advanced crafts. This includes sculpting with a variety of tools, and being able to work with a potter's wheel!